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Waterfall-Island in the Gulf

(Author: @Random_Man_Anywhere)

If you feel the need to get out of the metropolis of Bangkok and want to be within 5 hours on an island where it's not only about sunbathing and relaxing at popular resorts, then Koh Kood is highly recommended.

How to get there? - Transportation methods to and on the island:

Either by minivan, big bus or your own car it is easy to navigate to the ferry in Trat. However, it is good to be an early bird, to catch the early catamaran speedboat that leaves at around 10:45 and comes back to the mainland at 12:00. Alternatively during the high season you can also take the boat that leaves in the early afternoon. Here you can find more up to date info on the ferry schedules:

You can't drive or bring your own motorbike with you, but if you have a bicycle it is possible to add that to your luggage on board. The ferry takes an hour to get to the Island, and if it is too hot for you, for an additional 100 THB you can rent your own VIP AC cabin on board, just ask the staff for details. Otherwise, enjoy the view and the cooling sea-breeze on the deck while taking over fishing boats.The Boonsiri transport company arranges for you a taxi transfer from the Pier to your resort/hotel/guesthouse included in their price.

On the island, we highly recommend renting a scooter after you settled in your accommodation. It's provides a convenient and fast way to discover the Island for a rental price between 200-250 THB ( + petrol (27-49 THB/liter) daily. Surely you can always find a taxi car driving around. But it is up to you, feel free to discover the island on foot either by walking on the roads, or jumping from rock to rock by the coast :).

What to see on Koh Kood? - Waterfalls as main attractions:

There are 3 different waterfalls available to take your favourite selfie with, or take a dive from the surrounding rocks. Huang Nam Kaew, Khlong Chao and Klong Yai are your destinations for a cooling bath in the hot and humid jungle you need to cross to get to them. And while you visit the first one, do not miss and stop by to hug the 500 years old Holy tree!

It is smart to visit them in your comfortable and anti-slip waterproof shoes. Flip-flops and bare foot can be a disadvantage, on the slippery rocks...however challenge makes the total experience more exciting, right? :)

What to eat? - Fresh Seafood:

There are many different food options on the island ranging from Thai, Italian to French cuisine. Our recommendation is fresh seafood, provided by the many different professional fisherman families of the island.

Beside of the restaurants in the center of the Island, we recommend you to visit the Fishing Village - Ban Ao Yai - on the Eastern Side of the island. Chonthicha Seafood provides a wide selection of seafood, fish, shells and we really enjoyed their food.

All in all, Comparing the island to the surrounding similar destinations in the area, Koh Kood has the charm of its friendly people, delicious food, and the short distances for the Beach hoppers and waterfall swimmers. Consider your next short-break, and make sure to follow our Facebook page or our deals section on the website to visit the island for a good price!


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